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خدمة الاعلانات التجارية

​​​​​About the service:
Emirates Transport can facilitate the provision of buses for public schools in the state, to provide transport services for school trips and extra-curricular activities, during or outside school hours, and for student activities during summer holiday, in accordance with school districts’ summer programmes.
Service Requirements:
1- The public school must fill out the correct activity form to provide buses.
2- Approved activity as part of the plan of activities and trips of the education zone and approved by the Ministry.

نبذة عن الخدمة:

تركيب ملصقات إعلانية داخل وخارج الحافلات
توزيع كتيبات إعلانية وعينات دعائية على ركاب الحافلات


شروط الخدمة:

1. الموافقة من الجهات المختصة والمعنية الرسمية على الإعلان وتصميمه.

Service Requirements

The approval of the Center Manager on the design and advertising.​

Service Time:

Within 3 working days.

Service Fee

Service Location


Required Documents:

Target Audiance:

Number of transaction :

Service Address:

Customer Charter

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